Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chapter 7 - Unspoken Feelings and Revealings.

As FuryRed waddled across the carpet she huffed with every step. Due to her feet being swollen to a billion times their natural size walking was incredibly uncomfortable. Even if it was to scoff her face.

After relieving her whirling bladder FuryRed hobbled and knobbled along to her son's room. She proceeded to shove her son, Hades, on the toilet while wondering if she was actually doing this correctly.
"Oh the smell of crap is so invigorating."

Meanwhile Apollo had just arrived home with his newfound friend Mortimer Goth. They had been hitting it off all day and Apollo had invited Morty round to spend some time together.

"Errr wut?"
Apollo scratches his head in aggravation. Who the hell knows what 45547646 x 2535645 is without a calculator. He sure didn't. He wandered who would be best for help; mum or dad.


Later that night after Apollo had to distract his parents away from each other, after all seeing hands in wrong places is quite distressing, Hades birthday was celebrated.

And cremated. Zeus panicked a hell of a lot.

He got so violated from smell he found sniffing his own armpit was worth more sniffability.

Needless to say a firefighter soon showed up in their kinky gear waving their hose. Zeus was very impressed and wanted in on the action. The firefighter was not amused and quickly left.

Eventually Hades was able to grow up. He opened his child eyes to the world and say his first adult words.
"Why the hell is my dad such an idiot? And why am I wearing underwear in the middle of the kitchen."

The next morning FuryRed puffed and huffed until she blew her house down. The baby was coming!

"Honey I'm just going to grab a sandwich."

FuryRed welcomed baby Aphrodite to the world. However her creator screamed in frustration and cursed.

Aphrodite's twin Athena was welcomed to the world to a floor. The creator face palmed.

The FuryRed escaped! After spending little attention with her children Fury could not longer take it. She hired a babysitter and ran the hell out of there.

Whether this is some sort of strange babysitter ritual or a changing the diaper action remains to be answered.

"Blurgh blurgh blurgh!"
Hades brought home Kaylynn and decided to impress her with his major long tongue. She was fascinated and copied him. He got scared by the challenge and ran off. So much for an evil sim.

"Hey bro, check out my awesome biceps."
"Hades, there's nothing there. You're flat as a bean."
"Thanks Ap."
"No problem. Now what came first, the chicken or the egg?"

"I'm so tired Fury, please caress my back."
"It's a tad bit hairy love."

After getting fed up of fellow classmates at school calling him a girl for his hair, Hades cut it. He rolls his eyes and then suddenly feels a want. A want to have attention from his dad.

Luckily his dad was in a good mood. Hades had heard some funny noises from his parents room as he had called in for his dad. He'd departed abruptly after squeal. His dad joined him a few minutes later to help with with homework.

Zeus felt a rush of love through his veins after helping his son. He wanted to spend some time with his baby girls. Shock horror!

What happens when the creator forgets to pay the bill? A repoman comes and steals a lamp and 2 toys from a toy-box.

Apollo had invited his best friend Morty round. It was his birthday. As Apollo hugged him close, he felt a strange feeling. He shrugged it off.

As Apollo waved some magic words and chants over his cake Hades clapped excitedly. Morty seemed disappointed, Apollo frowned but shrugged this off too.

Suddenly a teenager appeared in the kitchen. Apollo glanced down at himself and stretched his arms. He felt a surge of maturity.
"Oh my minstrels, Hades get your mittens off my cake. It's Athena and Aphrodite's turn to grow up!"

A few tosses later and squabbles over who got to hold the babies (FuryRed won). Athena and Aphrodite are revealed.
"Well maybe they could use paper bags?"
"Fury that isn't very nice, now lets go make out."

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  1. Eeeeeee! I love Apollo sooooo much it's a little unhealthy XD

    Aphrodite is amazing too (yes I'm biased cause the kids follow me).

    Howeverz... I'm concerned about the chin Apollo is now sporting... Plastic surgery?