Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chapter 8 - Parents? Who Wants 'em.

Argh a gremlin! ...I mean as Athena poked her head out of the box she giggled with glee at hiding her bogey in a very secret spot.

"Peek a boo loo!"
"Aieee bad Hades!"
"Sorry Ditty."
Hades covered himself once more and poked his face out. Aphrodite is not amused. Even as a toddler.

"Up up!"
As Apollo lifted his little sister he couldn't help but admire his own muscles.
Apollo was lost in the world of his new found teenager strength.

Later in the day when Apollo and Hades were busy at school Fury was left alone with her daughters.
FuryRed sighed as Aphrodite cried more and more.
"I'll give you cookies if you shut up...yeh cookies with sleeping pills. Sounds good."

Zeus was in agony from a long day at work. He is missing well deserved simself action because of this job. And perhaps family time, he can't quite decide on that. He called into his job and immediately quit. A big case of can't be arsed the creator feels.

"Grumblegrumble why did I ever enter this game. Mumblemumble I have to do everything around here."

When Apollo arrived home he was in dyer need of a shower.
"Lalala washing my bunions."
The creator admitted that this photo got in here by accident. Moving on.

"Come to me my evil spawn!"
Young Athena looks down upon her dad's shoe and notices one of her hidden bogeys. She smiles gleefully before being lifted up into his arms.

While Zeus was teaching one twin to walk, Fury was teaching another to talk.
"No darling, woohoo."
"That'll do."

Later that night, a birthday was being celebrated. Hades was thinking long and hard about his wish while trying to block his parents out.
"I like the way to blow that horn Fury."
"Why thank you dear."

"Not quite what I was thinking of. I feel like one of those flasher men. But with a lifty up coat instead of a separating one. Blergh."

A quick change later and Hades goes off in search of his older brother.
"What do you want?"
"Oh nothing."

In actual fact what Hades wanted was to measure himself up against his brother. With a tongue contest. Yes the creator agrees they are weirdos.

Ever since a child Hades had one want. To see a ghost. He ventured silently in the graveyard. Quiet as a mouse.

Hades ran up to the ghost and broke into a breathless rant on ghosts. Sadly this ghost was not interested and told Hades to bog off.

By now Apollo and Hades had realised that their parents weren't the most reliable of parents and sometimes had to take care of their little sisters themselves. However they did not mind cherishing their siblings with much needed affection.

When their parents eventually woke they immediately dove into pancakes. Not literally the creator hastens to add. Hades decides to join them, they accept him happily.

Apollo wanders into the twins bedroom with distaste. Their family are unable to even decorate the room. And his mother cannot return to work for a while since having so much maternity leave. It's a bad situation and yet they sit happily eating pancakes.

Hades wanted a trip to the park and could sense the bad vibes from his brother so he invited him along.
"Cheer up Ap."
"That's the spirit!"
Apollo rolls his eyes and suddenly feels someone looking at his back. He turns around.

As Apollo glanced around he spotted a familiar figure and walks over. It's Mortimer. They look at each other wordlessly before hugging. The creator must admit this is rather sweet on freewill and all.

Apollo cannot help a feeling within his gut as he pulls away. He confesses everything to Mortimer.

Luckily he feels the same.

Hades is happy and all for his brother but he wants something to stop himself becoming more bored. He spots entertainment off from a mile away.

Hades introduced himself as the Master of Love. The simselves did not seem enthralled by these words.

It would seem that some simselves find their own amusement.

Back at home Fury feels herself going Stir Crazy. Her eyes are wide and vacant, staring into space.

When the boys return home, Apollo is instantly surprised from a random hug from his dad.
"You can take care of your sisters now!"
"Thanks dad."

The next day Apollo sets to work. He knows that he must teach his sister the ways of speaking otherwise she will not grow up as perfect as he wishes her to be.
"Dude, that looks like such a bore."
"Shut up Hades."

Even though the Ugworth family are short of money they hire a maid. Apollo and Hades expect their dad had something to do with this. Although they do wonder why she gets such pleasure from brushing her teeth. Hidden drugs within the toothpaste perhaps?

Fury eventually has her first day back at work. She gleefully dashes out from the busy household.

Zeus saw this as a perfect opportunity to have the twins birthdays.
"Good one dad, while mum's not here."
"Why thank you son."
"I think he was using sarcasm dad."
"What's that?"

The twins grow up into the dysfunctional and complicated household. Let's hope they can achieve something or Zeus will probably sell them on Ebay.


  1. showw mee their facess ! ;p


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    Exclamation point!!!!

    And ohemgee you gayed up Mortimer Goth! You do realise you've changed Sims history forever now don't cha?

    Ho well! ; )

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